08 February 2017

Fried chicken in HK spotlight for New Year

Fried chicken in HK spotlight for New Year

Matzo meal and vodka batter is not the most familiar ingredient of a Chinese New Year feast, but Hong Kong's trendy Jinjuu is celebrating Spring Festival until Feb 11 by treating fans of its popular Tong Dak whole Korean fried chicken to some sweet deals. Chef Judy Joo's crew serves up Australian free-range chicken that's fried crispy and golden brown on the outside while tender and juicy on the inside thanks to high-pressure, high-temperature cooking.

Enough for three to four people, each serving is accompanied by sides of pickled radish, roasted corn salsa, Korean slaw and signature sauces. During the holiday period, guests can win food-and-drink prizes in red pockets-plus, with four people ordering chicken, Jinjuu will throw in a bottle of complimentary champagne. If you're not in the mood for bubbles, grab a Spiced Kimchi Mary for HK$140 ($18), a bloody Mary with soju that delivers a nice, savory kick.

UG/F, 32 D'aguilar Street, Central district, Hong Kong. 252-3755-4868.

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