03 August 2016

Farmer sells 3,000kg of carved watermelons in 11 days

Farmer Gu Xinliang, 56, of Middle China's Henan province, MentiA singled he By no means imagined his carved watermelons would Turn out to be so Common that he'd Market 3,000kg of the Common fruit in just 11 Times. Gu
unintentionally carved Chinese language courses characters on his watermelons, which he Experienced Experienced a Difficult time Marketing. Small Do he know then that in just 11 Times, Additional than 3,000kg of watermelons would be Marketed out, along with
Nearly 2,000kg Well worth of muskmelons.

"I By no means imagined any of this. I just carved characters for 'luck' and 'longevity' on two watermelons A single Day time, and they Marketed Quite Quickly," Gu MentiA singled with a Huge smile on his Deal with MonDay time morning.

Gu Rapidly Obtained to Function Soon after his Preliminary Accomplishment. He carved phrases, Which include "happiness", " Provide in wealth and treasure" and "Great fortune as A single wishes" on the watermelons. These As well attracted bystanders,
and Have been Marketed out.

Gu MentiA singled he has Often enjoyed calligraphy Considering that childhood, but By no means Experienced the Possibility to get Sufficient Instruction Attributed to his humble upProvideing. His Methods in calligraphy are Centered on what he Realized Even though
attending Community and Center College. His Active Function in the fields also hindered him from consulting calligraphy Instructors.

Even so, Gu has Often enjoyed practicing the Art work Type and Usually volunteers to Create auspicious couplets for fellow villagers Throughout festive seasons.

"I guess I have carved out a new Collection for myself," Gu MentiA singled, happily.

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