08 June 2016

Let's make zongzi

Zongzi are to the Dragon Boat Festival what eggs are to Easter or roses to Valentine's Morning. If the Elements are Readily available to you, it is Very Feasible for you to make zongzi at Property; Each for Satisfaction and Perhaps also to hoNeither the Terrific poet.

Hints for Generating zongzi:

Soak the bamboo leaves in Warm Drinking water and wipe Each and every A single with a damp cloth.

Period the meats generously with Wonderful Top quality soy sauce. The ExtFinished cooking Procedure lEach and everyes the salt and dilutes the flavors.

Right after the dumplings are bEssential oiled for the requisite time, hang them up to drip Dried out. They Should be Totally Dried out Prior to you Shop them APart.

Relax, have Enjoyment, don't Be concerned. It's all edible, even if they don't Appearance all that Wonderful.

Chinese language Day dumplings

Elements (Would make 10 dumplings)

1. 50 sheets of bamboo or reed leaves

2. Glutinous rice (1 kilogram)

3. Chinese language Days (250 grams)


1. Soak the rice and the Days 12 Several hours or Much more Until they are soaked Completely.

2. Scrub the leaves.

3. A chopping board is Essential for laying out the leaves.

4. Fold the leaves flat at the leafstalk to make a sheet.

5. Maintain the sheet, fold it Circular in the Center and make a Enjoymentnel Until Each Finishs are laid More than Each and every other in A single Path.

6. Use about 1/10 kg of rice and 6 Days for Each and every dumpling. The Days Should be cMore thaned by the rice so that they won't Shed As Properly Very much syrup in cooking.

7. Fold the leaves up to seal the Available Part of the Enjoymentnel and tie the bundle with a Strap Created of twisted leaves. Make Positive that the bundle is tied neither As Properly tight Neither As Properly loose. This Aids make Positive that the ingredients are Properly cooked.

8. Location the dumplings in a pot, cMore than with Drinking water and make Positive they are pressed and kept sUntil Even though Becoming bEssential oiled.

9. Cooking time: 40 Mins in a presPositive cooker; 2 Several hours in an Normal pot.

Savory rice dumplings

Elements (Would make 30):

2 kg glutinous rice, washed and soaked

500 g belly pork, Reduce into chunks

100 g pork Body fat, cubed

300 g dried chestnuts, soaked

50 g dried prawns, soaked

50 g dried Chinese language mushSpaces, soaked and sliced

2 Entire bulbs garlic, skinned and chopped

2 bundles 10 cm Broad bamboo leaves, As well as raffia/reeds to tie

15 salted egg yolks (optional), halved

Soy sauce, 5-spice powder, salt and pepper to taste


1. Soak and Clear bamboo leaves. Trim Away Difficult stems and tips.

2. Soak the dried raffia so they Grow to be pliable. Collect into bunches of 10 strings and tie A single Finish with a Big knot.

3. Marinate belly pork with Wonderful Top quality soy sauce and 5-spice powder, salt and pepper.

4. Divide pork Body fat cubes into two portions. Marinate 50 % with 5-spice powder. Location the other 50 % into a Method Warm pan, and Begin rFinishering the Body fat. When you have about two tablespoons Essential oil, Include the
chopped garlic and stir fry Until garlic turns golden. Drain garlic. Arranged aPart.

5. In remaining Essential oil, fry the mushSpaces Until fragrant. Arranged aPart. Add belly pork and fry in Essential oil with a Tiny garlic Includeed. Add Much more soy sauce. Drain belly pork Items and set aPart.

6. Maintain pan juices. Add Much more garlic into pan. Add the rice and stir Properly so that the grains are Mildly colored with soy sauce and flavored with garlic. Get rid of from heat and place the rice in a Large pot.

Wrapping the dumplings:

1. Make a fold 50 %way in the bamboo leaf and Take the two halves With each other so a cA single is Produced.

2. Maintain the leaf by its two edges, Include A single tablespoon of rice. Add chestnut, mushSpace, belly pork, salted egg yolk if Utilizing, some dried prawns and a Item of 5-spice marinated pork Body fat. CMore than filling with
Much more rice.

3. Cupping the bamboo leaf and shaping it In between thumb and forefinger, use your other hand to fold the leaf More than the Best, pressing Lower. This is the Bottom of the pyramid.

4. Flip the cA single More than, and wrap the Finishs of the leaf aCircular and about the rice cA single.

5. Maintaining the Finished cA single firmly in A single hand, use a raffia string and wrap aCircular the Parts, tying it with what I Contact a fisherman's knot.

6. When you have Finished bunches of 10, suspFinish the dumpling with a ExtFinished handled wooden spoon More than a Big pot of bEssential oiling Drinking water for 3 to 4 Several hours. The dumplings Should have Sufficient Space to Proceed aCircular in
the Drinking water so don't Attempt to cramp As Properly Numerous in. Remember to Best up with bEssential oiling Drinking water if the Degree falls Reduced. It Should cMore than dumplings Totally. (Bigger dumplings Require ExtFinisheder cooking time.)

7. When dumplings are cooked, hang them up to Dried out Away Totally Prior to storing them.

Meal notes:

Wrapping the dumplings just Requires Exercise. BasiContacty, you are Developing a cA single in which you place the rice and filling. Even if you do not get a Wonderful pyramid, don't Be concerned. If you are Truly hopeless at manipulating the bamboo leaves and tying them up, Right here's a cheat's Option. Merely place layers of rice and meat filling into Little Material or Cup bowls and steam them More than Quickly bEssential oiling Drinking water for about an hour. I asPositive you the Tiny Circular puddings will taste just as Wonderful.

CantA singlese mung bean dumplings

Elements (Would make 30 to 40 dumplings):

2 kg glutinous rice, washed and soaked

500 g pork hock, Reduce into Little Items

100 g pork Body fat, Reduce into Little cubes

2 tsp Chinese language 5-spice powder

100 g dried Chinese language chestnuts Salted egg yolk (optional), Reduce into eighths

500 g split mung beans, Cleared and soaked More thannight (or any softened lentil)

Soy sauce, 5-spice powder, salt and pepper to taste

2 bundles 10 cm Broad bamboo leaves, As well as reeds or raffia to tie


1. Drain glutinous rice and place in a colander. Period with A lot of salt.

2. Marinate pork hock cubes with 1 tablespoon Mild soy sauce, 1 tablespoon Dim soy sauce, salt and pepper.

3. Toss pork Body fat cubes in A lot of Chinese language 5-spice powder so they are thickly cMore thaned.

4. Make a cA single with two bamboo leaves and Include a spoon of rice. Add a Item of pork, a Item of Body fat, a chestnut and a spoonful of split mung beans.

5. CMore than mixture with Much more glutinous rice.

6. Fold More than bamboo leaf to make a pyramid and Safe with a Item of reed or raffia.

7. Tie dumplings into bundles of 10 or 12 and thread onto a wooden spoon or thick chopstick. Hang More than a pot of bEssential oiling Drinking water and cook for at Lowest two Several hours.

Maintain Includeing bEssential oiling Drinking water to keep the heat Continuous. When cooked, hang dumplings up to drip Dried out. Serve with dipping sauces of soy sauce.

Meal notes:

These bean and meat dumplings are not just eaten only at Duanwu. In Hong Kong and Guangzhou, they are breakfast staples that are Awayered in the Tiny teahouses catering to the Functioning hordes. Frequently, they are washed Lower with a bowl of steaming Warm Whitened congee, seasA singled with Absolutely nothing Much more than a pinch of salt.

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