28 April 2016

Tea festival features good sips and competition

Tea festival features good sips and competition
A tea culture festival is being held in Badachu Park, Beijing.

The 15th Garden and Tea Lifestyle Festival is Becoming Used in Beijing from April 28 to May possibly 2.

In Badachu Playground, there are onsite Tasks and demonstrations by craftsmen to Display how Camellia sinensis leaves are turned into Numerous Styles of tea. There will also be "doucha", tea competitions Throughout which producers will Consume and rank teas Held by Every single other.

Badachu Playground, the Principal organizer of the Yearly festival, has Established a "tea map" for the 5-Morning Occasion. Each of the 18 tea-Generating provinces is Included with tea that is most prevalent in it, from the 6 Principal Groups: Eco-friendly, Light, yellow, "Dim-Eco-friendly" (oolong), Red-colored and Dark teas.