19 April 2016

First official Hello Kitty restaurant opens in Shanghai

First official Hello Kitty restaurant opens in Shanghai
Employees prepare food for customers in China's first official Hello Kitty-themed restaurant in Shanghai, China, April 9, 2016. [Photo/Agencies]

Hi Kitty fans in China can now get their Repair at the Well-known mouthless kitten's themed Eating place in Shanghai.

Getting the Earliest Standard Hi Kitty-themed Eating place that Availables in the Chinese language courses mainland, Hi Kitty Bistro Bianco serves a Assortment of western Foodstuff laden with Hi Kitty Styles.

The Hi Kitty Brand name enjoys a Broad fanbase Throughout China. A Prior 1 Availablening in Hong Kong Final Yr was Adopted shortly by the Earliest Hi Kitty theme Playground in East China's Zhejiang province.

The Eating place can serve up to 80 Shoppers and is Available from 11am to 10pm Each weekday.

The Next Ground of the establishment serves as a dining hall, Although the Earliest is devoted to Providing Hi Kitty merchandise.