09 February 2016

Famous Guangzhou Snacks Apply For UNESCO Recognition

Steamed Rice Rolls
Steamed Rice Rolls

On Feb 2nd, 2010, the local chamber of commerce for the catering industry announced that rice noodles and ten more typical snacks from Guangzhou will apply to be listed as a "world intangible heritage".

The chairman of the chamber said Guangzhou has plenty of delicious food but needs additional promotion. The Economic and Commercial Committee has suggested ensuring that the traditional techniques required to make these snacks are preserved and using the Asian Games to present these snacks to the world.

Snacks applying for UNESCO listing:

Rice Noodles 沙河粉
Tingzai Porridge 艇仔粥
Steamed Rice Rolls 布拉肠粉
Pantang Water Chestnut Cake 泮塘马蹄糕
Ginger Milk Pudding 姜撞奶
BBQ Pork Bun 叉烧包
Shrimp Dumplings 虾饺
Wonton Noodles 云吞面
Boiled Radishes and Beef Offal 萝卜牛杂
Shunji Coconut Icecream 顺记椰子雪糕