13 January 2016

StarWorld Macau Presents Delicious Thai Food and a Unique Wine Pairing Dinner

This autumn, StarWorld Macau is proud to present its Asian Delights promotion, curating a wide range of unique continental dishes to awaken the autumn appetite – selections include the aromatic "Thai Food Delights" and "The Rising Stars of Italy" Wine Pairing Dinner.

StarWorld Macau Presents Delicious Thai Food and a Unique Wine Pairing Dinner
Temptations Senses

Aromatic "Thai Food Delights"
Temptations Senses, the buffet restaurant at StarWorld Macau offers cuisines from around the world. It now brings the authentic taste of Thailand to spice lovers in September and October. Award winning chefs at StarWorld Macau have selected an array of premium ingredients imported from Thailand to create incredible dishes for the "Thai Food Delights" promotion. Traditionally, Thai cuisine uses a lot of Southeast Asian seasonings, such as coconut milk, basil, lemongrass, lime and chilli, to match with colourful tropical fruits and vegetables such as eggplant and pineapple, creating the distinctive and authentic taste of Thailand.

Further divided into four major streams, Thai cuisine consists of Northern Thai cuisine, Northeastern Thai cuisine, Central Thai cuisine, and Southern Thai cuisine. Each stream represents its unique geographical location and dining culture. Since Thailand is surrounded by neighbouring countries, all with different culinary styles, each region and its cuisine is deeply influenced by its neighbours, especially in selection of ingredients. For example, Southern Thai cuisine is similar to the Malay cuisine, which uses a lot of coconut milk and fresh turmeric. Northeastern Thai cuisine is inspired by that of Laos, such as using lime juice for cooking.

StarWorld Macau Presents Delicious Thai Food and a Unique Wine Pairing Dinner
Red Curry Beef Eggplants & Pineapple

 StarWorld Macau Presents Delicious Thai Food and a Unique Wine Pairing Dinner
Roasted Chicken & Eggplants Salad (L), Deep-Fried Prawns in Tamarind Sauce

"The Rising Stars of Italy" Wine Pairing Dinner
Temptations Senses has invited Ms.Jeannie Cho Lee, Master of Wine and the author of the top-selling book, Asian Palate, to collaborate with the hotel's Executive Chef Joe Chan for a series of wine pairing dinners themed for various top wine-producing countries.

The Chef has carefully selected a variety of high-quality classic Italian ingredients, including olive oil, cheese, risotto, basil and pine nuts in the menu. Well-presented antipasto includes four different features - Beef Carpaccio with Truffles; Seared Tuna with Chives, Capsicum, Olives, Smoked Salmon and Parma Ham with Melon; and Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato. The award-winning restaurant, Temptations Senses features traditional European cuisine. The famous Baked Sea Bass with pine nuts and lemon dressing is a well known dish in Italian house holds. The Chef has also selected Wagyu beef cheeks as an alternative choice for guests, which are cooked over at least four days with numerous cooking steps in order to achieve a tender and tasty texture. It reflects the "Asian Heart" commitment of StarWorld Macau.

StarWorld Macau Presents Delicious Thai Food and a Unique Wine Pairing Dinner

In order to highlight the exclusive Italian tiramisu at StarWorld Macau, Master Jeannie has selected a great collection of wines to allow guests to compliment the Italian culinary journey. A major highlight of the wine pairing dinner is the Italian tiramisu, which was tailor-made by Chef Joe in front of the guests. Chef Joe mixed all the ingredients to form a creamy tiramisu, paired with coffee liqueur to enhance the sweet aroma. The Ladies Finger will be soaked in the famous illy Italian espresso during the process, so that it will not become too soft and its texture. Finally, the creamy tiramisu and Ladies Finger will be put into the sweet chocolate almond cup. Guests can therefore enjoy the crispy chocolate almond cup while the soft tiramisu melts inside their mouths. This Italian flavor provides a perfect finish to the wine pairing dinner.

"The Rising Stars of Italy" Wine Pairing Dinner is MOP688 plus 10% service charge per person. Guests can enjoy both the Italian wines selected by Ms Jeannie and the Italian refined cuisine by Chef Joe.

StarWorld Macau Presents Delicious Thai Food and a Unique Wine Pairing Dinner
Jeannie and Chef Joe

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