08 January 2016

Spring Tea Temptation

Thanks to the wonders of nature, sometimes tea can be more than just tea. The Yu Yue Heen is feast of tea flavored seasonal cuisines presented by the award winning Chef Law Yiu Choi. By incorporating the freshest spring tea into his Cantonese recipes, Chef Law pays homage to Mother Nature through his culinary creations.

Spring Tea Temptation

Chef Law's new menu includes Braised pigeon with black tea sauce, poached grouper fillet, chrysanthemum soup "Yun Nan" style, Double-boiled bird's nest with spring tea; "Long Jing" tea scented sweet osmanthus pudding, Steamed pork bun flavored with green tea; just to name a few. A carefully curated 8-course set menu paired with different categories of premium Chinese tea is also available.

The promotion period is from April 15 to May 15 for both lunch and dinner. Set menu is priced RMB 1688+15% per person. The A la carte menu starts from RMB 43+15% per dish.

Spring Tea Temptation

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