16 January 2016

"Swim, Relax and Eat" at Royal Tulip Carat Guangzhou

As of July 27, The Poolside Restaurant at the Yu Spa has been providing an everyday Summer Dinner buffet along with access to the hotel's indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the Yu Spa special offer for Spa Treatments.

The Royal Tulip Carat Guangzhou is formerly a Carat Hotel and the five-star brand of Golden Tulip, one of Europe's oldest hospitality companies. "With its open kitchen concept and cosy courtyard, Home Kitchen has already hosted more than 200 Western style weddings since the opening of the hotel two years ago and the restaurant schedule is already fully booked until next year." said Peter L Herweck, the Area General Manager of Golden Tulip China. "That's why we decided to create Poolside Restaurant - Yu Spa and its Summer Dinner Buffet package, the first of its kind in Guangzhou"

"Swim, Relax and Eat" at Royal Tulip Carat Guangzhou
Outdoor swimming pool

The Poolside Restaurant offer will be available until the October 31 of 2012. With a price of RMB198, customers can relax and enjoy the swimming pool from 3pm to 8pm and have their dinner in the restaurant which opens its doors at 8pm. Guests can also access, at any time, the treatments available at the Yu Spa. Also, throughout the summer, for any purchase of RMB100 in the Poolside Restaurant, all guests will receive RMB10 that they can use on their next visit for spa treatments of their choice or in the Poolside and Home Kitchen Restaurants. A booklet of 10 coupons is also available at RMB1980 net including RMB200 complimentary vouchers for a Spa treatment.

"Swim, Relax and Eat" at Royal Tulip Carat Guangzhou
Spa room

"Our objective with the Poolside Restaurant - Yu Spa is of course to entertain guests with the swimming pool but we want them to experience something different in the restaurant. That's why when they buy a coupon; they will automatically get a lucky draw ticket because we will arrange one lucky draw every day at 8pm. So they could win a complimentary foot massage," added Peter Herweck. "We also introduced a family offer at RMB456. So we hope that families will enjoy this special day all together and come often to our hotel. Another great experience is to get a SPA Treatment at our regular prices and get a complimentary dinner buffet at the restaurant."

Just a few days before going back to Europe for his solo exhibition "The Butterfly Effect 2012 and Mayan Calendar" in the Museum of Pisek, the Czech/Guatemalan painter Ian Liska showcases his Ruby Red-Abstract Jewels Collection in Poolside Restaurant - Yu Spa until October 5. Strongly influenced and inspired by Chinese Culture and Feng Shui, the Ruby red collection was created to bring prosperity, happiness and good luck through its use of symbols and color. Characterized by seductive red tones and a strong sense of richness and luxury, The Ruby Red Collection captures the observer's attention into the vast abstract world within paintings.

"Swim, Relax and Eat" at Royal Tulip Carat Guangzhou
Home Kitchen

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