19 January 2016

Keep Winter Warm with This Recipe for Glutinous Rice

In winter keeping warm can become an important part of your daily ritual, layering clothes, blow drying hair and often moving in strangely erratic dances in hopes of speeding circulation. In Guangzhou the rituals have led to the custom of eating glutinous rice.

The 23rd solar term of the Chinese lunar calendar known as the Slight Cold, is commonly the coldest of the year. It is in this particularly cold part of the winter that has led to the belief that a bowl of hot glutinous rice can warm the stomach and body.

To make an appetizing dish of glutinous rice preparation of raw glutinous rice, mushrooms, peanut, Lachang (Chinese sausage), preserved meat and dried shrimps is required.

The raw glutinous rice should soak for three hours in hot water. After draining the hot water, put the raw rice into an electric cooker. It’s better to use a clay pot, which can make the rice more delicious.

Keeping the cooked rice in the cooker, you should shred the mushrooms and dice other things. Then you should put the materials together and stir in salt and soy sauce. You can either cook it in the microwave oven for a couple of minutes or stir-fry it.

After all this preparation, you can put the ingredients into the electric cooker and mix it with the rice. According to your taste, add sesame oil, soy sauce, Chinese parsley, chopped green onion or other spices. Simmering it for five more minutes to mix the flavors, ingredients and rice will lead to the stomach warming experience of glutinous rice.