15 January 2016

Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu

Japan is a nation known for its pursuit of culinary excellence. From aesthetic presentation to a harmony of flavors and ingredients, Japanese cuisine is made to impress diners and create a unique dining experience.

Deeply rooted in Japanese dining culture, Inagiku at the StarWorld Macau is proud to present its newly designed menu which includes an array of new choices such as "Smoked Salmon with Sakura Wood," "Chicken and Glutinous Rice wrapped in Cabbage" and "Grilled Saga Beef rolled with Goose Liver Ishiyaki." Inagiku's signature dishes, "Inagiku Tempura Platter" and "Roasted Ox-tongue in Japanese Style," are all featured in the main menu to indulge guests, both spiritually and sensually.

Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu
Inagiku Japanese restaurant

The new menu truly reflects Japan's pursuit of aesthetic perfection. "Smoked Salmon with Sakura wood" is an outstanding example to of this trait. A flavorful salmon fillet and sakura wood smoke are sealed by a piece of delicate Japanese washi paper in a sleek crystal ball, trapping the smoke before the fillet is eaten. When diners open the washi lid, the snowy smoke slowly slips out from the crystal ball, followed by the woody scent of cherry blossom. This sensational presentation arouses the diners before they begin to enjoy the juiciness of the lightly grilled fillet. This medium rare cooked salmon is seasoned with Japanese sea salt and pepper and served with Japanese onions, home-made vinegar miso and fried sweet potatoes chips.

Presented in a set of traditional Japanese lacquered bowls, the grassy green rolls look refreshing and appealing. This wonderful combination of traditional Japanese fine art and culinary excellence is made from the best glutinous rice from the Akita Prefecture. The chef mixes it with minced chicken and rolls the ingredients in the leaves of sweet cabbage. The dish is served in a parsley and white pepper soup, giving guests a light flavored yet tasty dining experience.

Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu
Smoked Salmon with Sakura wood (MOP 180)

Tasting Japanese cuisine itself is a form of culinary art appreciation; the chefs in Inagiku cook with premium ingredients and with great devotion, patience and passion. They follow a set of very strict rules and benchmarks in food preparation and presentation, down to each single dish. The star-rated executive chef especially selected indigenous volcanic stones to serve the "Grilled saga beef rolled with goose liver Ishiyaki" to ensure thermal preservation of the best Wagyu Kobe beef. The scent and sound of roasting A5 Wagyu beef rolls filled with radish, foie gras, mushrooms and garlic delivers a multi-sense dining experience for guests.

Besides those innovative new dishes, "Inagiku Tempura Platter" and "Roasted Ox-tongue in Japanese style" remain the two signature disheswhich symbolize Japanese's insistence on culinary excellence.

Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu
Chicken and Glutinous Rice Wrapped in Cabbage (MOP100)

 Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu
Grilled Saga Beef Rolled with Goose Liver Ishiyaki (MOP380)

Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu
Inagiku Tempura Platter (MOP360)

One of the most popular signature dishes of Inagiku, "Inagiku Tempura Platter," is deep fried with a premium, 100% natural sesame oil from Japan, which lightens the oiliness of a traditional Tempura. This dish cooked and served a la minute so that guests can appreciate the crispness and a hint of the sesame oil flavor.

The roasted ox-tongue is an exclusive signature dish of Inagiku in Macau and has attracted many diners to come from overseas to StarWorld Macau to enjoy it. The chefs roll the meaty ox-tongue along a cedar plank before putting it onto the grill, so the ox–tongue is melt-in-your- mouth tender with a scent of cedar.

Inagiku at StarWorld Macau Presents Its Japanese Culinary Art Menu
Roasted OX-Tongue in Japanese Style (MOP208)

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