10 January 2016

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Presents New Year Lucky Dishes

A time for celebrating the Chinese new Lunar year, the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel has promoted festive dining treats and takeaway puddings and cakes. The dishes follow traditional names with literal lucky significances.

From February 10 to 24, Man Ho Chinese Restaurant, Marriott's signature Chinese Restaurant, will treat families or companies gathering with nine courses for minimun six persons.

Nine-course set menu, HK8 per person (minimum 6 persons per table):
Loh Hei Chinese salmon salad
Braised bird’s nest soup with crab roe and bamboo piths
Deep-fried coral mussels and lobster with seasonal vegetables
Braised sea cucumber with vegetable in oyster sauce
Steamed fresh grouper
Deep-fried crispy chicken
Boiled pork dumplings in superior soup
Fried glutinous rice with preserved meat
Sweetened red bean soup with glutinous dumpling

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Presents New Year Lucky Dishes
Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

The tradition of Loh Hei (捞起) can be traced back to ancient China – from the coast of Guangzhou, the Southern Song Dynasty, till today‘s modern interpretation of the dish by the Chinese immigrants in South East Asia. Also known as the Prosperity Toss or Chinese Salad, this dish is popularized in Singapore and Malaysia. It is a requisite during Chinese New Year as a symbolism of good fortune, health and prosperity for the Chinese. From the banquet tables at Chinese New Year, the dish has evolved as a celebratory dish for family celebrations, business dinners and any joyous occasion. The higher you toss the salad the better the luck and good fortune!

The original Lo Hei consists of 27 auspicious ingredients. Now you can enjoy the 4-6 person dish. The version here is a variation of the original for the occasion or if you just want to fuel up for luck.

A la carte New Year specialty dishes
Loh Hei Chinese salmon salad (4-6 persons) HK8
Braised abalone with winter melon and vegetables HK8
Braised pork knuckles with sea moss and vegetables HK8
Braised quail egg in bird’s nest and crab roe sauce HK8
Braised pea sprouts with bamboo piths HK8
Braised E-fu noodles with crab meat in soup HK8
Barbecued eel fillets with honey HK8
Braised assorted vegetables in superior soup HK8
Braised goat’s belly in clay pot HK8

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Presents New Year Lucky Dishes
Loh Hei Chinese salmon salad

From February 7 to 24, experience a completely new high tea at The Lounge, the oriental-themed high tea set presents traditional and modern Chinese sweet and savory delights in a three-tier tower. The Fortune High Tea Set includes a generous serving of dim sums, dumplings and Chinese pudding, accompanied with premium Chinese teas.

Monday to Friday, 3pm to 5pm: HK8+10% for two persons

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday, 3pm to 5.45pm: HK8+10% per person (with unlimited refills of food and drinks)

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Presents New Year Lucky Dishes
Fortune High Tea Set

ICBC Cardholders can get the below discounts (Terms and conditions apply.)
Period: 7 January 2013 – 24 February 2013

Offer 1: Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel - The Lounge

Fortune High Tea Set: Buy 1 get 1 Free

Reservations: 3969 2685

Period: 10 February 2013 – 24 February 2013

Offer 2: Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel - Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

Receive a complimentary house wine (red/white) upon ordering New Year Set Menu per 6 persons per table

Reservations: 3969 2888

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