08 January 2016

Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch

Few restaurants have the ambition to feature the whole world's cuisine on its culinary stage. But FOODS makes its adventure to amuse all kinds of picky diners. "The world kitchen in my mind has four main categories: Asian, Mid-eastern, Europe and American," the newly appointed Chef de Cuisine Ryan Poon explained.

Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
European counters

The FOODS restaurant of The Ritz - Carlton, Guangzhou features an international-flavor buffet. The price of RMB 408+15% might define it as a deluxe meal more than a simple brunch. Its extensive Sunday brunch, served from 12:00 to 14:30, could provide just the relaxation and sustenance you need after a big night out on Saturday. To awake your stomach, courteous waitresses will offer you a cup of sparking wine, fresh fruit juice or hot tea. You will be quite pleased to find all the drinks are free flow here.

Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Fresh lobsters

"The Sunday brunch used to be a habit of the west. They are drunk at the night of Saturday and the oily food as well as champagne on the Sunday morning is expected to absorb the alcohol. When I worked for the hotels in Ireland, I would make it very oily according to western brunch habit, but in China I will not," Chef Ryan said.

At the Oyster-themed Brunch, you might start from cold fresh seafood including lobster, crab, oyster and mussel as well as the unimaginable large number of bread, cheese and salad. In the Europe and American sections, the abundant roasted and fried meat and seafood have been handmade into bite size amounts in order to taste as many different varieties as possible.

Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Yam Basket

Chef Ryan's arrival brings a wide range of Southeastern Asian-Chinese fusion on the menu. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ryan has been inspired by the French technique and Japanese details in cooking, and is talented and very diverse in mastering different cuisines.

On the Asian counters, staples such as Indonesia Fried Rice with Belachan, Penang Char Kuay Tiow, Laksa, Hainan-style Chicken Rice, XO Sauce Fried White Fried Turnip Cake…a fabulous number of home-made foods are served to satisfy the Asian stomachs. Yam Basket, made of a friend taro basket and covered with chilly chicken and vegetable mixture, is an authentic Chinese dish that is really worth a try. The Hong Kong-style French toast which is rarely found in buffet restaurants is coated with peanut butter. But the chef promises that those café breakfast food in this five-star hotel are still comforting but more exquisite to eat.

Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Toasted ham

 Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Small-sized hamburger

Strolling from the different food stations, the FOODS restaurant will finally shock you at its dessert bar featuring tiramisu, macaroon, cheese cake, chocolate mousse, mango pudding…Only on Sundays, guests will be granted by the specially made desserts on the spot – Ritz Hot Chocolate Cake and Grand Marnier Banana Choux.

Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Dessert bar

 Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Ritz Hot Chocolate Cake 

 Discover the World's Taste at Ritz Sunday Brunch
Grand Marnier Banana Choux

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