18 January 2016

Beer wins dry argument

Beer wins dry argument
A waitress in the Asahi Beer Garden with two 2-liter cans of Super Dry,
 which is imported from Japan. Gao Erqiang / China Daily

Japanese brews are gaining many fans at the Expo, Shi Yingying reports.

Captivating views and cold beer are the best reasons to visit Asahi Beer Garden at the Expo 2010 Shanghai.

Facing the Green Expo Square, the two-story beer garden, with its huge terrace on the second floor, offers two types of beer not available in the Chinese market - Asahi Black and the much stronger Asahi Master.

The beer garden also sells 300 glasses and 200 to 300 cans of Super Dry, its signature brew, per day and is happy about a hot summer and FIFA World Cup.

"I'm impressed by the combination of music, football and beer," said visitor Wang Jia, who enjoyed the football show on the huge screen of the Green Expo Square.
"The passionate World Cup theme song with beautiful clips of goals from past World Cups made me stay and watch it for the entire hour."

It seems beer and football has brought people together in the hot weather. Asahi Super Dry has been a Japanese and international favorite since it was first introduced in 1987. The Japanese like their beers crisp and lightly flavored. Asahi Super Dry fulfils the criteria well; the packaging is sharp and so is the taste. Like most dry beers it's a straightforward, no-tricks sort of brew that won't interfere with the complex flavors of food.

"Dry beers are less sweet than their regular counterparts, it usually gives a sharp and strong taste that goes better with food," said Ryo Kataoka from Asahi Breweries.

But for some drinkers, multiple swills might render Asahi a little flavorless. Asahi Black has an aroma of roasted malt with a slight coffee scent, but it is slightly lighter than more authentic dark beers like Schwarzbier.

Staff at the beer garden are trained to pour the perfect beer with 80 percent liquid and 20 percent foam. "Pouring beer is an art and definitely part of the overall tasting experience," said a waitress in the beer garden.

Beer wins dry argument
"Though the best option would be use glasses for beer, we still manage to pour it professionally by holding the plastic cup at a 45-degree angle and targeting the middle of cup," the waitress said.

The 2-liter can of Super Dry, directly imported from Japan, is another highlight that surprises visitors by its huge size.

"I've never seen beer packed in such big can before," said 27-year-old Frank Zhang. "It makes me want to challenge myself."

Beer snacks, such as spring rolls, are also available at the beer garden.

Asahi Beer Garden
Zone D, opposite Aurora Pavilion
Price range: around 40 yuan per person
Opening hours: 10 am-9 pm