19 January 2016

Aperitivo, Italian-style Relaxation

On February 10, Prego, a top Italian restaurant based in the Westin Guangzhou Hotel, launches a new menu, offering a healthy and relaxing "Aperitivo." The menu consists of snacks using a variety of Italian vegetables, fruits, cheeses, ham and seafood, supplemented by selected Italian red wine and cocktails. The creation is a taste sensation that will stimulate your taste buds in time for dinner.

Chef of Prego, Graziano comes from a city in northwestern Italy. Locals in this area of Italy often gather with family and friends to enjoy exquisite food and drinks before dinner at about 5pm. Graziano is keen to emanate this atmosphere and to recreate traditional Italian culture.

Aperitivo, Italian-style Relaxation
Italian Aperitivo snacks
Aperitivo, Italian-style Relaxation
Waitresses dressed in nurse costume serve cocktails. 

Aperitivo, Italian-style Relaxation
Graziano serves home-made pizzas to guests in the restaurant. 

Aperitivo, Italian-style Relaxation
Graziano makes a watermelon dessert with dry ice.

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