21 December 2015

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Chinese name: 扬州炒饭 (yáng zhōu chǎo fàn)
Characteristics: Yangzhou fried rice tastes fresh and tasty. The rice in it is really soft and savory.

Also named Yangzhou egg fried rice, Yangzhou fried rice is a simple homemade dish, made from leftover rice and other dishes. Its origin stems from General Yang Su of the Sui Dynasty (581 - 618), who liked eating 'suijin rice' (egg fried rice) on many occasions and thus introduced it to Yangzhou culture when he escorted Emperor Yangdi to patrol Jiangdu. Not just eaten at home, it is also served as a must-have food dish before dessert in Chinese feasts. Naturally, there is a great variety of styles of Yangzhou fried rice, among which Fried Rice with Meat and Vegetables is the most well-known.
Yangzhou Fried Rice

1 egg
50 g sausage
50 g carrot
20 green beans
20 g shelled shrimps
1 dish or bowl cooked and cold rice (pre-cooked half to one day in advance would be better)
green onion
chicken essence (stock/bouillon) or monosodium glutamate
Note: the amount of the ingredients especially the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one's personal taste.
Ingredients of Yangzhou Fried Rice
Preparation for the ingredients:
A. Clean the carrot after peeled. Cut it into thick slices that are cut into straps. In turn, the straps are reduced to diced pieces.
B. Clean the sausage. Cut it into thick slices and then reduced into diced pices.
C. Clean the green onion. Chop it into small pieces.
Preparation for Yangzhou Fried Rice


  Step 1: Boil half a wok of water. Pour in the green beans. Boil it for about 3-6 minutes over high heat until turns soft. Remove it out of the wok by draining through a colander. Place the beans into a small basin of cold water for a while. Drain it for later use.
Boil the Green Beans
  Step 2: Boil half a wok of water. Pour in the shrimps. Boil it for about 1-2 minutes over high heat. Remove it out of the wok through a colander and place into a small basin with cold water. Drain it for later use.
Boil the Shrimps
  Step 3: Crack eggs into a bowl and beat. Place a wok over high heat until hot. some cooking oil, swirling to coat sides. Pour in the beaten egg and stir-fry it for about 10 seconds until the egg sets. Place the cooked eggs into a bowl and cut into chunks with chopsticks.
Stir-fry Eggs
  Step 4: Add some cooking oil into the wok again. Add in the chopped green onion, diced carrot, boiled green beans and boiled shrimps. Stir-fry it for 1 minute. Add in some salt and stir-fry it for 10 seconds. Add in the diced sausage and stir-fry it for 1 minute more.
Stir-fry the Fixings
  Step 5: Pour in the cooked rice and stir-fry it for 2 minutes. Add in some salt and chicken essence or monosodium glutamate and stir-fry for 20 seconds. Pour in the egg chunks, turn to low heat and stir-fry it for 10 seconds until all the ingredients in the work well mixed.
Stir-fry Rice
Turn off the heat. Remove Yangzhou fried rice out of the wok and put into a plate or a bowl.
Yangzhou Fried Rice Completed

Tips: There are several different recipes for Yangzhou Fried Rice such as fried rice with shredded pork, beef or chicken, fried rice with minced pork or beef, fried rice with lettuce, fried rice with green pepper, fried rice with pickles, fried rice with seafood, fried rice with mushrooms, fried rice with bacon, fried rice with mixed meat, fried rice with vegetables, etc. if you don't like any of the fried rice dishes above, there is no doubt you will find a recipe to suite your tastes.