28 December 2015

Shangri-La Promotes the Taste of Singapore

Shangri-La Guangzhou brings authentic Singaporean cuisine from August 5 to 14 in its buffet restaurant, with the support of two chefs from the hotel group's branch in the city of the Merlion.

The five-star hotel joins hands again with Singapore Tourism Board, offering classic and familiar Singaporean food like curry, satay and laksa. Though many of them can be found in other Southeast Asian countries, the food has a unique taste in Singapore, according to the Singaporean guest chefs Chia Jun Xian and Ng Choon Teng.

The Singaporean curry, which fuses dozens of spices with creamy coconut juice, exposes a special sweetness in the exciting spicy flavor. There is one dish that all gourmets should not miss; the Singaporean spicy crab. The fleshy crab shows different layers of flavor with its rich seasoning. And it's even more finger-licking when served with specially baked bread.

Celebrating the 48th National Day of Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board presents souvenirs to the first three diners who have lunch or supper in red clothes at the buffet restaurant.

Shangri-La Promotes the Taste of Singapore