15 December 2015

Hunan Restaurants in Beijing

Cold dish served with hot potXiang cai (Hunan Cuisine) is one of the Eight famed Cuisines of China and those people who have tried Xiang cai definitely know it to be spicy. It is well known that Chuan cai (Sichuan Cuisine) also features a spicy taste, but is totally different from Xiang cai. To truly tell the differences between these two unique styles, the sampling of each is recommended. Gourmets of Chinese food always engorge ravenously, but with mutterings about the fiery taste but never stop moving their chopsticks! Having been introduced into Beijing ten years ago, Xiang cai has taken an indispensable part in Beijing dining.

 Gen Ju Di
Chinese name: 根据地(gēn jù dì)
The food here follows the homely dishes and organic dishes of the revolution era. The restaurant is distinctive with its unique 1930s decor laid out as a replicate of the Hunan Province Head Quarters of The Communist Party of China (CPC). There are 30 private dining rooms each decorated differently, but each emulating those of the revolution era prior to the foundation of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Additionally, the waiters' clothes are copies of the army uniforms of that time. All in all, every thing in the restaurant gives a true feeling about the culture and life during the revolution decades ago.
Average Cost per Person: CNY65
Location: about 20 meters (22 yards) east of the crossing of Jinxing Lu, Daxing District
Bus Route: 369, 954, 724 (get off at Jinxing County Government Stop)

 Xiang E Qing
Chinese name: 湘鄂情(xiāng è qíng)
Average cost per person: CNY 200
Xiang E Qing (Xidan Branch)
Location: 3, Jiaoyu Jie, Xicheng District
Hours: 10:00 - 11:00
Xiang E Qing (Huaqiaocun Branch)
Location: No.24, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Xiang E Qing (Fengtai Branch)
Location: 1-4/F, B, Zhongjian Yiju Mansion, No.52, Xisihuan Nanlu, Fengtai District

 Xiang E Chun
Chinese name: 湘鄂春酒楼(xiāng è chūn jiǔ lóu)
The restaurant offers dinners the best dishes of Xiang cai as well as some Hunan snacks.
Location: No.43, Fucheng Lu, Haidian District
Bus Route: 300, 368, 40, 56, 121, 850 (get off at Xisanhuan Stop)
Average Cost per Person: CNY50

 Deren Restaurant (Hunan Turtle Restaurant)
Chinese name: 德仁酒家(dé rén jiǔ jiā)
Average Cost per Person: CNY40 - CNY50
Location: No.211 Jia, Xiheyan, Chongwen District
Hours: 10:30 - 22:00

 Xiangjunfu Restaurant
Chinese name: 湘君府(xiāng jūn fǔ)
Average cost per person: CNY 80 - CNY 150
Location: 2/F, 1, Binhe Nan Lu, Guanganmenwai, Xuanwu District

 Cui Qing Restaurant
Hot Hunan dishChinese name: 翠清酒家(cuì qīng jiǔ jiā)
It is a little restaurant which could easily be ignored along the roadside. But the genuine Xiang cai here are really delicious. The restaurant is always crowded with diners.
Average Cost per Person: CNY40
Location: No.1 Jia, Cuiwei Dongli, Haidian District

 Shaoshan Mao's Restaurant
Chinese name: 韶山毛家菜馆(sháo shān máo jiā cài guǎn)
Average cost per person: CNY 30 - CNY 50
Location: 111, Nanheyan Hualong Jie, Dongcheng District
Hours: 11:00 - 22:30

 Yue Lu Shan Wu Restaurant (Shichahai Branch)
Chinese name: 岳麓山屋(什刹海店)yuè lù shān wū (shí chà hǎi diàn )
Average Cost per Person: CNY80-CNY100
Location: No.19 Jia, Qianhai Xiyan, Shichahai, Xicheng District