29 December 2015

Akkha Pinda

Akkha Pinda 

Akkha Pinda (Leg of lamb braised with onion, tomato, yogurt and spices, finished with Rum)


Lamb leg with bone:450g

Ghee: 50g

Whole spices: 10g

Sliced onion:100g

Fried onion:50g

Ginger garlic paste:25g

Red chili paste:10g

Chili powder:10g

Jeera powder:5g

Dhaniya powder:5g

Garam masala powder:10g

Salt:according to your taste

Mutton stock:4L

Chop carrot:25g

Chop celery:25g

Chop ginger:25g


1.Heat ghee in a handi, sauté whole spices, sliced onion, chopped carrot, chopped celery,chopped ginger till golden brown. Add the lamb leg.

2.Add all powder masalas. Add red chilli paste and sauté nicely. Add stock and let it cook.

3.Once it is about to done, add all other ingredients and check for taste.

4.Cut the cooked lamb according to the required size. Arrange the cut lamb in a platter and cover it with the sauce in the pan.

5.Finish it with ginger julienne and chop coriander.