01 April 2014

A Taste of Spring, A Taste of the Farm

You may have considered exploring local Cantonese flavors and snacks in small restaurants or historic villages in the suburbs surrounding Guangzhou. However if you want to sample local Cantonese flavors with safe ingredients and cleanly surroundings guaranteed, many hotels offer wide range of Chinese cuisine, ranging from the sumptuous banquets to home-style family favorites.

Braised lotus root in soup with octopus and peanuts

The Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel has debuted its Yue Chinese restaurant featuring authentic Cantonese dishes, convenient location above a metro station and reasonable prices (about RMB 150 per person). The arrival of spring has brought a spate of fresh new ingredients to the kitchen. After his journey through the Guangdong countryside, Chef Li has specially designed a total of 13 brand new farm-flavor dishes to be added to the menu.

Stir-fry spring vegetables with shallots and dried tofu skins

Simple stir-fried green vegetables, which can preserve their freshness and nutritional value, are one of the most popular home-style dishes. Other farm fresh dishes to be found on the new menu include stir-fry spring vegetables with dried tofu skins, fagopyrum vegetable with roasted pork, and sweet leaf mustard. Braised meat and rootstalk vegetables are dishes which are simple to prepare but still taste great. The chef himself recommends lotus root in soup with octopus and peanuts, pork feet with hawthorn and radish with beef tendon in casserole.

Stir-fried fagopyrum vegetable with roasted pork

Before leaving the table, a bowl of Cantonese dessert Ginger milk collision or pastries can satisfy your sweet tooth. Ginger milk collision, made of ginger juice and buffalo milk, is a pudding-like specialty from Shunde city. The restaurant will serve lunch until 4:30p.m during weekends, giving diners an enticing option for enjoying brunch Cantonese style.

Ginger milk collision

Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel 


Address: No. 208, Tianhe Lu, Tianhe district, Guangzhou (广州市天河区天河路208号)

Reservation: 020 6668 8888-6850

(By Jessie Huang, Ian Heuer, photos by Soso)

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